Azure Requirements

  1. Access to Azure Portal so we can create the application registration. Please see to see the steps we will go through.
  2. A global admin user with no MFA that we can use as the service user for the SafeID Token Service

Network Requirements

  1. Access to Azure portals is essential.
  2. Access to will make installing your license easier.
  3. An inbound port (normally 443) will need to be opened so that the portal can be accessed on your network.

Server Hardware Requirements

  1. CPU 2 cores or more
  2. 8GB of RAM
  3. 10GB of hard drive space

Server Software and Configuration Requirements

  1. Access to a SQL Server Instance (SQL Server Express Edition should be sufficient)
  2. Add IIS (Windows feature)
  3. .NET Core Hosting Bundle (
  4. Chrome or Firefox or Edge browser
  5. A certificate for HTTPS would be a good idea but is not required for the setup as we can use a self-signed certificate for the purposes of setting up the server.
  6. SQL Server Management Studio