Login into Microsoft MFA setup portal at mysignins.microsoft.com

Click "Security Info"

Click "cancel"

Click your avatar image to bring up the account menu

Click "Profile" from the menu

Click "Additional security verification"

Click "Set up Authenticator app"

Do NOT yet scan the QR code on the above scrren

Click "Configure app without notification"

This is the QR code that you need.

Keep this popup window open, and do NOT click "Next" yet.

Then, follow the instruction below to program your SafeID token with the QR code

To program a SafeID/Diamond token with a QR code, launch the SafeID/Diamond programming tool.  

Click the Scan QR Code button

Select Scan Screen.

If succeeded, the Seed box should be filled with the token's seed data.

Now, select your smart card reader from the Reader drop-down list, e.g. "HID OMNIKEY 5427 CK"

Press the Connect button

Now, switch on a SafeID token and place it on the reader. 

The tool will read out the token's serial number and time, and display them:

If you want to correct the clock on the token, then leave the "Sync Token Clock" checked, but first ensure the time on your pc is set correctly.

Press the Burn button

The token is successfully programmed.

Switch off the token and switch it on again to generate a new code

After you have successfully programmed the token with the QR code, you can return to the popup window.

Click "Next" on the popup window and you will be asked to verfiy your SafeID token by generating an passcode from the SafeID token device.

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