Go to C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield\tomcat\conf and edit the Server.xml file..

Search for Service name=“SSO” and specify the port 443 here:

In the Administration console you need to modify the port in two places..

If you go to Authentication>Agents

Edit the Single Sign-On agent and remove the default port 8074 from the Agent Public URL under the Single Sign-On server agent.

Click Save then go to SSO>SSO Servers

Edit  the Single Sign-on Server

Scroll to the bottom of the SSO Server - Edit screen 

Click Edit Metadata. (Click ‘Yes’ at the next prompt)

Scroll down towards the bottom and remove the port numbers specified in the locations as shown below

Save and Close.

Restart DualShield.

A DualShield console or WebAPP will now redirect to SSO on port 433 when you log in.

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