The task "Export tokens & assignments", is a task script that needs to be downloaded and imported into DualShield before use, and allows the user to export token assignments for a specified product.

Downloading and Importing the export tokens task scripts

The following instructions explain how to download the tasks that allow exporting of token assignments;

To download the script, first navigate to "Administration | Tasks", then click on the button ;

Right click on the link indicated below, then select "Save Link as...", then save the XML (e.g. to your desktop);

The script can then be imported into DualShield by clicking on the button.

A new window titled "Import Task" will now open, use the button to select the recently downloaded XML filie

Once the file has been selected click , and the new tasks will be imported;

The imported tasks will now be listed at the end of you task list;

These tasks may then be used to export tokens from token repositories into CSV files for later use.

Exporting token Assignments

Once the task have been downloaded and imported, they may be used to export task assignment details.

As an example of how these tasks are used will will export all token assignments for a specified domain by left clicking on the context menu for the task "Export Token Assignments by Domain", and selecting the context menu option "Run";

A new window titled "Execute Task" will now open.

At the prompt "Domain", select your required external directory, and at the prompt specify the product code of token assignments to be exported (for this example we select "ST" for SafeID time based tokens);

Once the parameters have been entered we start the task by clicking on , and we will be notified that the task assignments have been exported;

A subfolder of the DualShield installation folder will now contain a CSV file called "assignment" which will contain our exported token assignment details;

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