If your DualShield is using a Microsoft SQL database, please follow the steps below.

Prepare Data

- Open the CSV file "IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB3.IPV6.CSV" in a text editor

- Add the header row below in the CSV


- Save the file

Install DBeaver

Download and install DBeaver Community Edition from the link below:


Import Data

- Login to DBeaver console

- Navigate to the DualShield database. By default it is named as "DualShield"

- Locate the table called "ip2location_db3_ipv6"

- Right click the table "ip2location_db3_ipv6"

- Select "Import Data"

- Select "CSV" in the Target list

- Select "IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB3.IPV6.CSV" in the Source pane

- Keep the default settings.

- Click Next

- Select "skip" in the "id" mapping.

- Click Next

- Click Start to start importing the data

* Please note that it can take hours to import the data depending on the performance of the machine, as there are nearly 5 millions of records to be imported.

Process Data

- After the data has been successfully imported, execute the script below

update ip2location_db3_ipv6 set
ip_from = (REPLICATE('0', 39 - LEN(ip_from)) + ip_from),
ip_to = (REPLICATE('0', 39 - LEN(ip_to)) + ip_to);

- You will get a warning. 

- Clock OK to continue

- That's it!