Generally speaking, to remotely upgrade a software application, use the Group Policy Editor to create a new package in "Computer Configuration/Software Settings/Software Installation" for the new version and specify which older package should be upgraded by this one (on Upgrade tab select package for the old version with options to uninstall existing or do an in-place upgrade)

Step 1: Create a new Software Installation package

Create a new software installation package

Select the latest version of the software, e.g. "SetupDSClient-6.2.0121.1004-x64.msi"

Step 2: Edit the new Software Installation Package

Double click the new software installation package to edit it. Navigate to the "Upgrades" tab

Click "Add"

In the option "Choose a package from", select "A specific GPO" 

In the list "Package to upgrade", select the old version of the software package

Finally, select "Package can upgrade over the existing package"

Click "OK" to save

Click "OK" again to save