If you have forgotten the SQL connection password used in your DualShield server, follow the guide below to recover it. 

1) Locate the file below

C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield\tomcat\conf\server.xml

2) Open the file in a text editor, such as Notepad, search for 'jdbc'

An older version of DualShield will show the password in plain text, however on a newer version, the password will be displayed as encoded (as in picture above.)

3) To decode the password, open a cmd prompt and change directory to 

C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield\tomcat\lib

4) Run the command below: 

(specifying the encoded password between the quotation marks)

5) Press return.  The password will be displayed, on the next line.

..\..\jre\bin\java -jar dsenc-1.0-standalone.jar -d "the encoded password"
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