DualShield is a set of JAVA server applications. After the installation, upgrade or restart of the DualShield servers, The OS needs to initialise the JAVA virtual machine (JVM) and load the DualShield application into the JVM. This process can be slow and take a long time, depending on the speed and power of the machine.

To wait for the DualShield server to be fully loaded and monitor the its initialisation progress, launch the Windows Task Manager and check the process called DualShield Server which is often a sub-process of Commons Daemon Service Runner, as shown below:

During the initialisation process, the CPU usage of the DualShield Server process will go up and down, and the Memory consumption will continue to increase.

When the CPU usage drops to zero or slightly above zero, and the memory consumption reaches close to 1.8GB for the backend or 550MB for the frontend, that's the indication that DualShield is fully loaded and ready for operation.

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