DualShield installation package includes a RADIUS test utility program called NTRadPing which is a very useful for testing RADIUS server connection. The program is located at:

C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield\tools

You can configure NTRadPing to act as a RADIUS client that emulates a VPN device.

Step 1: In DualShield Console, register NTRadPing as a RADIUS client

Step 2: Launch NTRadPing

In the "Secret Key" field enter the macthing Shared Secret that is set in the RADIUS client settings in DualShield

In the "Password" field, enter the matching credential that is set in the logon procedure assciated with the application linked to the RADIUS client

You can copy NTRadPing utility program to a different machine and run it remotely. To copy the utility, you need to copy 2 files:

  • NTRadPing.exe
  • RadDict.dat

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