DualShield system uses several ports for its components, the installer will automatically search available ports from 8070 on the machine and use them as default ports.

You may forget them after the installation. Don't worry, there is a summary file where you can review them. It is located at the folder $INSTALL_PATH\Uninstaller, the file name is called "InstallSummary.htm".

For your convenience, here is the summary of a typical installation.

Installation Path
C:\Program Files\Deepnet DualShield

Server Configuration
Server FQDN: dualshield.deepnetsecurity.local
Use SSL: false
Certificate Path: 
Administration Port: 8070
Authentication Port: 8071
Provisioning Port: 8072
Management Console Port: 8073
SSO Logon Port: 8074
SSO Management Port: 8075
Self Service Port: 8076

Database Connection
Use the existing database: false
Database Type: mysql
Database Name: dualshield
SQL Server: localhost
SQL Port: 3306
User Name: root
Password: ********