As a DBA, you may want to know how much you should allocate for DualShield database, and estimate how big it will grow to?

Intuitively, you would think it depends on how many users are stored in the database. Well, you can say so.

As matter of fact, each record of user info only takes half kilo bytes (0.5K), which also includes the indexing. Assume your organization has 10,000 users, it only takes 5M hard drive for the user table. As you can see, it is very small, so are the token table and most other tables.

However the log table (along with log field table) is an exception.

Each activity will have a log record which costs 0.2-0.3 Kbytes, and it generally comes with 4-5 log fields. In average, each activity will consume around 2K.

You should do some statistics about the activities in your environment.

In conclusion, only the log table will grow the database easily. With the above information, you should be able to have a rough estimate when you should clean the log table.



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