DualShield Authentication Server supports an external Oracle SQL server as the data store.

First, in the Oracle server, you need to create a user account that will be used by the DualShield server to connect to the Oracle server. 

SQL> create user dualshield identified by password profile default  default tablespace users account unlock

Then, you need to grant connect and resource rights to the user.

SQL> ALTER USER dualshield quota unlimited on users;
SQL> grant connect,resource to dualshield;

During the DualShield installation process, enter the database setting below: 

  1. Enter the newly created user's name in the schema field, e.g. "dualshield"
  2. Enter the password of the user, e.g. "password"
  3. Enter the System Identifier (SID) of the Oracle server, e.g. "orcl"