This article demonstrates how users will be able to register their access cards in a Windows logon process

Start windows logon

On the Windows native logon screen above, enter username and password 

Once the username and password have been successfully verified, the DualShield Computer Logon window will pop up

Select Access Card as the authentication method

Place your access card on the read

Click the continue button ▶️

If the Access Card policy has been set so that a PIN is required, then the PIN setup window will pop up 

Click Next

You will be prompted to enter a new PIN

Enter a new PIN

Click Next

Click Next

If the Access Card policy has been set so that activation is required, then the Activation Code window will pop up

Select how the activation code will be delivered to you, by email or by text message

Click Request Code to receive an activation code

Enter the activation code that you have received

Click Next

Your access card has been successfully registered. 

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