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By default, it is installed into the folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64

Now, the tool has been installed, we need to turn on heap checking on the application that we want to debug.

Open a command window (cmd.exe) as admin and change directory to the Windbg installation directory.

Run this command (replace the .exe name with the one you need to debug) the command below:

gflags /p /enable <executable.exe> /full

(replace <executable.exe> with the name of the application to debug , e.g. DasClientAgent.exe

gflags /p /enable DasClientAgent.exe /full

Restart the service, e.g. DasClientAgent

net stop DasClientAgent 

net start DasClientAgent

Find the PID of DasClientAgent using the Task Manager, e.g. 4320,

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and Next, we need to enable crash dump on the application that we want to debug.

First, create a folder for saving dump files, for instance: c:\dumps

There are 2 options to enable crash dump on the application,Now, enable crash capture, using the PID of the application or the Image Name of the application. 

We can find the PID and Image Name of an application from the Task Manager:

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Use the command below to enable crash dump with Image Name:

 adplus -crash -pn <image name> -o c:\dumps

(Replace <image name> with the image name of the application found in the task manager, e.g. DasClientAgent.exe)

Use the command below to enable crash dump with PID:

adplus -crash -p <pid> -o c:\dumps

(Replace <pid> with the PID of the DasClientAgent applicaiton found in the last steptask manager, e.g. 4320)

As you can imagine, Please note that,  if the process id PID changes, for instance, due to machine reboot, then you need to reset it with new id.

This particular image name "DasClientAgent.exe" will only appear once in process list on a machine, so you can use the following command instead,

 adplus -crash -pn DasClientAgent.exe -o c:\dumps

Then, will have to re-enable crash dump with the new PID.

Finally, we wait for the crash to happen.

After the crash has happened, disable crash capturedump,

gflags.exe -p /disable DasClientAgent.exe