Some recent Windows updates, including KB3161606, KB3161608 and KB3160005, cause DualShield agents fail to connect with DualShield server. In the DualShield Windows Logon agent, it fails with error message: "A security error occurred"; in Dualshield agent for the Parallels (2X)  it fails with connection errors.

As a result of Windows updates, Windows blocks the use of RC4 and DHE ciphers on the TLS layer, which then blocks the connection between DualShield agents and DualShield server.

To fix the above issue, download the hotfix tool below to your DualShield server and execute it:

If you are using DualShield with Parallels (2X) RAS, then you also need to update the DualShield Agent on the 2X RAS server.

  1. Download the update below:

    DualShield 2X Agent (X86)

  2. Replace "Program Files(86)\Paralles\ApplicationServer\DAS.DLL" with the update.

  3. Restart the Parallels server machine.


In some environments, this fix might cause the old versions of DualShield Sever fail to function properly. If your DualShield Server is one of the old versions prior to v5.9. then it is recommended that you should update your DualShield Server to the latest version first prior to running this fix. If you choose to continue without upgrading first and experience problems after applying this fix, then you should update your DualShield Server to the latest version immediately.