If you have 2 MySQL servers configured as Master/Master replication, then you want to make sure those 2 servers are in sync all the times. Generally speaking, hardware failure or lost connection etc could break replication and cause the servers to be out of sync, and MySQL can automatically re-establish replication once the issues are fixed. However, there are cases when MySQL cannot automatically fix itself and manual intervention is required. Therefore it is important to monitor the replication status of the system. We have produced a utility, DSMySQLMonitor, that can monitor the replication status of a MySQL Master/Master system, and send alert messages to the system administrator. In the event when out of sync is detected, DSMySQLMonitor also write the event into the Windows event log. 


  1. Download DSMySQLMonitor.zip and extract the file, DSMySQLMonitor.Exe, to a folder on your DualShield server. e.g C:\DualShield

  2. If you would like to receive alert messages by email, then run DSMySQLMonitor.exe to set up email alert configuration. 

    In the "MailTo" field, you can provide multiple email addresses separated by comma.

  3. Open Windows Task Scheduler and create a new task named, for instance DSMySQLMonitor. 

  4. On the Triggers window, select your preferable setting on how often you would like to run DSMySQLMonitor. 

  5. On the Action window, select Action: Start a Program, and choose DSMySQLMonitor in the Program/script field. 
    If you do not want to receive email alert, then you need to provide the parameter "-SetupSMTP N" as an argument, e.g. C:\DualShield\DSMySQLMonitor.exe -SetupSMTP N

  6. Click OK to save the task. 

Your mail configuration and replication_status.log can be located at Deepnet DualShield\MySQL\Monitor folder.