This configuration guide describes how to integrate NetMotion Mobility XE with Dualshield unified authentication platform in order to perform the multi-factors authentication.

NetMotion Mobility XE supports external RADIUS server as its authentication server with PEAP authentication method. DualShield unified authentication platform includes a fully compliant RADIUS server – DualShield Radius Server. DualShield supports multiple EAP authentication methods (PEAP, EAP-TLS, GTC, MSCHAPv2 etc) with a wide selection of portable one-time password tokens in a variety of form factors, ranging from hardware tokens, software tokens, mobile tokens to USB tokens. These include:

In addition to the support of one-time password, DualShield also supports on-demand password for RADIUS authentication. The product that provides on-demand password in the DualShield platform is Deepnet T-Pass. Deepnet T-Pass is an on-demand, token-less strong authentication that delivers logon passwords via SMS texts, phone calls, twitter direct messages or email messages.

The complete solution consists of the following components: