To install the DualShield Radius Server, launch the installer DualRadiusSetup.exe and go through the following steps:

  • Welcome
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Installation Path
  • Server Selection
  • Select Installation Packages
  • Server Configuration
  • Agent Registration
  • Configuration Summary
  • Installing
  • Perform External Processes
  • Installation Finished

Step 1: Welcome

Step 2: Licensing Agreements

Step 3: Installation Path

Step 4: Server Selection

Step 5: Select Installation Packages

Step 6: Server Configuration

Administration Port:

The Administration port is the port accessed by the DualShield Authentication Server for the purpose of managing the DualShield Radius Server.

Authentication Port:

The Authentication Port is the standard Radius authentication port.

Accounting Port:

The Accounting Port is the standard Radius accounting port.

Step 7: Agent Registration

Change the Registration URL to the URL of your DualShield server.

Please note that the protocol of the connection to the DualShield server must be set to HTTPS. The default port of DualShield server is 8071.

Step 8: Configuration Summary

Step 9: Installing

Step 10: Perform External Processes

Step 11: Installation Finished