1. On the client machine, launch Remote Desktop Connection application

  2.  In the "Computer" box, enter the name of the computer that you want to connect to.

    If you enter an IP address, you might get the following error message.

    To access a computer by its IP address, you must set the network resource as "Allow users to connect to any network resource(computer)" in Resource Authorization Policy (RAP).)

  3. A window pops up asking for your credentials. Enter your username & password. 

  4. After you have entered the correct credentials, you might see the certificate warming. Since, in this setup, the external name and internal name are different. 

    You might be asked to logon twice.

    First, you need to authenticate yourself to the RD Gateway, e.g. "rdg.deepnetsecurity.com"

    Then, you need to authenticate yourself to the remote computer you want to access, e.g. "inde"

  5. Click "Yes" to continue.  Then you have successfully logged into the remote computer through the RD Gateway "rdgateway.deepnetsecurity.com".