1) Download the DualShield Framework upgrade tool onto the machine hosting the DualShield Radius server

2) Run the DualShield Framework Upgrade file as Admin:

3) Select Number '2' for Radius Server:

4) Close any opened files under the Deepnet Radius Installation folder:

5) You will be asked if you want to upgrade to the latest version of Java.  Press 'y':

6) Let it run. This may take some time. Do not stop it.

7) Once complete Task manager will pop up automatically...

....You can then check when the Radius server service is back up and running fully.

8) Press any key to terminate Poweshell:

9) Click close on the installation wizard:

10)  Check the version of Java:

The version of Java can be found in C:\Program Files\Deepnet Radius Server\jre.  Open the release file, in notepad.