To use a flash key to logon into a user account, the key must be first registered by the user to their user account. 

  1. Start up the machine. At the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen, press "CTRL+ALT+DEL"
  2. Select the domain in the dropdown list
  3. Select "Flash Drive FingerPrint"

    If there is no USB flash drive detected, a message "Please insert your FlashPass" appears on the logon screen.

  4. Now, insert a USB flash drive into a USB port. The message then changes to a link "FlashPass Manager"

  5. Click . The dialog box "Register FlashPass Token" appears as below.

    You can simply click "Yes" to register the flash key to your account. However, you might also want to use the two useful features present on this dialog box:
         Auto Logon: This feature enables you to automatically logon into Windows without having to enter your user name and password. Next time at logon, you only need to insert your flash key and enter your PIN. 
         Description: Enter some descriptive text to mark your flash key. This description text helps the system administrator to associate users with flash keys.

  6. Check "Enable Auto Logon", and enter the description text

  7. Click "Yes". You'll be asked to enter a PIN that is used to protected your flash key.

  8. Enter a PIN you wish to use. Click "OK", the dialog box "Activate FlashPass token" appears as below.

    For added security, a flash key must be activated before it can be used for authentication. If the user's email address and/or mobile phone number are already registered in the user's account, the user can request to receive the activation code by email, SMS text message, tweeter or telephone call. Otherwise, the system administrator can provide the user with an activation code.
  9. Enter the activation code that you have received and click "OK".

Now, you can log into Windows with the FlashPass enabled Flash Key.