From the DualShield's point of view, Parallels (2X)  Remote Application Server (RAS) is an authentication agent. In order for Parallels (2X) server to work with DualShield server,  you need to first register your Parallels (2X) server with your DualShield server.

First, enable the Agent Auto Registration function in your DualShield server. In the DualShield Management Console, select "Authentication | Agents" and click the "Auto Registration" button on the tool bar:

You may want to enable the "Check IP" option for extra security.

Log into your Parallels (2X) Remote Application Server Console

  1. Select "Connection" on the left pane.
  2. Select the "Second Level Authentication" tab.

  3. Click "Settings…".

  4. Select "DualShield Server" on the Type list.
  5. In the "Server" enter the FQDN or IP of your DualShield Authentication Server.
  6. Select "Enable SSL" if your DualShield Server is installed to operate on SSL mode.
  7. Click "OK", if all settings are correct then you’ll see the message box below:

    Simply click "Yes", the DualShield 2X Agent will be registered.

  8. Click "OK",  you will see the following message box: