1. Login into your Google Apps Control panel. Typically, the URL is: https://www.google.com/a/xxx.xxx, where xxx.xxx is your Google Apps domain name, e.g. deepnetid.com

  2. Click the "Security" icon

  3. Click "Set up single sign-on (SSO)"

  4. Enable "Setup SSO with third party identity provider", then enter details below:

    Sign-in page URL

    Sign-out page URL

    Change password URL

    In the above URLs, replace "dualshield.deepnetid.com" with the URL of your DualShield SSO server. Also, replace "GoogleApp" with the application name of Google Apps in your DualShield server.

  5. Click the "Replace certificate" link

    Choose the DualShield IdP certificate file saved earlier and upload it.

  6. Enable the "Use a domain specific issuer" option (VERY IMPORTANT!)

  7. Finally, click "Save" to save changes.

    Your Google Apps is now integrated with the DualShield SSO, and its logon is protected by DualShield's multi-factor authentication.