Upload Mellon SP Metadata

In DualShield Console, select “SAML | Service Provider”, then click the “Create” button on the toolbar.  

Select “SSO Server” in the SSO Server drop down list, and select “SAML 2.0” in the Type drop down list: 

Now, copy the content of the “http_acme.org_apache.xml” file and paste it into the “Metadata” field: 

Click "Save" to save it.

Download DualShield IdP Metadata

Prior to downloading the IdP Metadata, you need to create an application in DualShield for your Apache website. You can use the Application Wizard in DualShield to create a new application. See “DualShield Platform - Quick Start Guide” for the instructions. 

During the process of creating the application, make sure the following fields are correctly set:

    • Application Type:                      Web SSO
    • Agent:                                       SSO Server  
    • Logon Procedure Type:            Web SSO

Once the application is successfully created, select "SSO | Servers". In the server list, click the context menu of the SSO Server, select "Download IdP Metadata":

Select the application you've just created, e.g. Website ACME.ORG. Click "Save" to download and save the IdP Metadata.

Copy the IdP Metadata file to the folder below:


And rename it to: DualShield-Metadata.xml

The final step is to insert Mellon directives into the configuration file of your website.