The Parallels (2X) Application Server provides 3 options for Deepnet authentication. These options can be set on Parallels (2X) Management Console by:

  1. Select "Connection" in the control panel.
  2. Select "Second Level Authentication".
  3. Select "Deepnet" in the Provider List.
  4. Click "Settings"

Mandatory for all users

If this option is enabled, then two-factor authentication is required for all users.

Create tokens for domain authenticated users

If this option is enabled, then the Parallels (2X) Application Server will ask the DualShield Authentication Server to create a specified token type for user as soon as the user’s domain credential, i.e. AD password is successfully verified.

The DualShield Authentication Server will automatically create the token, e.g. MobileID

Note: "Use only for users with a Deepnet account", this option is not available in DualShield Authentication Server, it is only available for Deepnet Authentication Server.