Parallels (2X) Remote Application Server (RAS) provides vendor independent virtual desktop and application delivery from a single platform. Accessible from anywhere with the Parallels (2X) desktop and web client, Parallels (2X) Application Server XG allows you to publish full desktops and applications within a virtual environment, improving desktop manageability, security and performance.

Parallels (2X) has built-in, native support of two-factor authentication using the Deepnet DualShield Unified Authentication Platform.

This chapater describes how to enable two-factor authentication in the Parallels (2X) Application

Server using the Deepnet DualShield 5.6+ platforms. The complete solution consists of the following components:

  • Parallels (2X)   Application Server
  • Parallels (2X) Client
  • DualShield Authentication Server 

The diagram below illustrates the general architecture:

Parallels (2X)  originally built in the native support for Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform 3.x, and it supports all one-time password based authentication methods and tokens that DUAP 3.X provides, including:

  • MobileID
  • SafeID
  • QuickID
  • GridID

In Deepnet DualShield 5.x, QuickID is rebranded as T-Pass with similar and enhanced features. However, in order to maintain the full compatibility between DUAP 3.X AND DualShield 5.x without the requirement of making any changes to the Parallels (2X)  server, and to maintain the same, seamless user experience, T-Pass will presented to the end-user as QuickID.