F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) is a flexible, high-performance access and security solution that provides unified global access to your business-critical applications and networks.

This implementation guide describes how to integrate F5 BIG-IP APM with the DualShield unified authentication platform in order to add two-factor authentication into its login process.

F5 BIG-IP supports external authentication servers including both RADIUS and SAML. DualShield unified authentication platform includes a fully compliant RADIUS server as well as a SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On (SSO) server. Therefore, F5 BIG-IP can be configured to work with the DualShield Radius server or DualShield SSO server, depending on the customers’ requirements. If a customer requires only OTP and ODP (One-Time Password and On-Demand Password) authentication, then RADIUS can deliver those authentication methods. If a customer also requires other authentication methods such as keystroke biometrics, device DNA or ODP with a more user-friendly logon interface, then the customer must implement the SAML solution.