DualShield unified authentication platform includes a SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On (SSO) server which can be easily integrated with Juniper SA to provide two-factor authentication.  Prior to configuring Juniper SA, you must have the DualShield Authentication Server and DualShield SSO Server installed and operating (both are installed by default in the installation of the platform). For the installation, configuration and administration of DualShield Authentication and SSO servers please refer to the following documents:

Following outlines the key steps:

In DualShield

  1. Create a logon procedure for SSO authentication
  2. Create a SAML application for Juniper SA
  3. Download IdP Metadata
  4. Download IdP Certificate

In Juniper SA

  1. Import IdP Metadata
  2. Create a SAML authentication server
  3. Download & Import SP Metadata