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The order that authentications methods are listed when presented to the users during the logon process can be customised.

To customise the order first navigate to "Authentication | Logon Procedures", left click on the logon procedure that you wish customised then select "Logon Steps" to display the logon steps for this logon procedure.

You will now be presented with a list of the logon steps for the selected logon procedure (see example below);

Select the logon step you wish to customise the authentication methods order for then click "EDIT".

A new window titled "Logon Step" will now open showing the currently selected authentication options for the selected step;

Click on the toggle button "Change Order" and the selected methods will be presented in a list.

To change the order of the authentication methods you will need to select one of the methods listed then use the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons to change the order of these methods;

Change the order of this list to the order you want the authentication methods presented to the users during logon then click "SAVE" to confirm the change.

This process can be repeated for all steps in the logon procedure where you want to customise the order of the available authentication methods.