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This tutorial shows how to configure a cluster with two DualShield servers. This cluster is load-balanced by Citrix Netscaler load balancer.

Table of Contents

Create Real Servers


Log into Citrix Netscaler console, select "Configuration" tab, navigate to "Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Servers" :


Repeat the step above to add all DualShueld servers:

Create Service Groups

A DualShield server hosts a number of services. Each services works on a specific port. Below is a list of DualShield services and their port numbers:


Repeat the same steps above to create service groups for other DualShield services, such as: SSO, DMC, DPS, etc

Create Virtual Servers

Now that we have created all service groups, we will create load balancing virtual servers.


Repeat the same steps to create virtual servers for other DualShield services, e.g. DMC, DPS, SSO etc.


Create Persistency Group

The last item we need to create is a Persistency Group.