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DualShield Authentication Server supports Windows Desktop SSO single sign-on to the web applicationapplications. In this article, we configured the DualShield Self Service Console with desktop single sign on. If you have not configured the Self-Service-Console to use Desktop SSO, please follow the chapter DualShield Server Configuration [SSO]

Step 1: Login to DMCLog into DualShield Management Console, change default the application name of "Self-Service Console" appication's name to "Self-Service-Console". 


Step 2: Assign the application "Self-Service-Console" to agent "SSO server". It will bind to be published on two agents: SSO Server & Self-Service Console.

Step 3: Login to the DualShield Authentication server machine, copy the file "appsso-metadata.xml" which is located under in the folder "\Program Files\Deepent DualShield\config" to a new file, and renamed it as to "dss-appsso-metadata.xml". 


Step 4: Modify the file, update the "das_application_name" value to "Self-Service-Console" and "saml2_metadata_others" value to "dss-appsso-metadata.xml".


Step 5: Modify the newly copied file "dss-appsso-metadata.xml", update the SingleSignOnService location url URL accordingly. i.e. 

Step 6: Restart the DualShield service.