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Restart the DualShield service if you made changes.

14.  If there was no error in the previous steps, then the DualShield server should have been successfully moved to the new machine. You should be able to login into the Management Console. However, you will now need to update server's IP address in settings of all of DualShield agents. Typlically, there are 3 types of agents that you might have been using, namely DualShield Radius, DualShield Windows Logon Agent and DualShield IIS Agent. You need to check the settings of all instances of those agents and update the IP address in them if neccessary.

15. Some customers might also have installed some DualShield agents on the the DualShield server machine. If that's the case for you, then you will have to also install those agents on the new server machine as well. If the Windows Logon agent is involved, then you will have to update the following DNS host entries in your DNS server:

  • dswagent
  • dswsslagent

* We also provide Linux version of dsclone, it is basically shell script, you can get the instructions by reading the script itself. The instruction is included the package includes as a text file.