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The article below contains general guideline for upgrading DualShield Server: 

How to upgrade a DualShield server to a newer version?

Multiple Server System

If your DualShield system consists of multiple DualShield servers in a high availability cluster, then you must follow the process below to upgrade the system.


Step 1: Check all SQL servers in the cluster, make sure they are in sync. See: 

Step 2: Upgrade the Master/Publisher server first (VERY IMPORTANT for MS-SQL Merge Replication. Do NOT upgrade the Subscriber/Slave server first)

Step 3: Wait for the Master/Publisher server to complete the upgrade process. See: 

How to check if a DualShield server is fully started.

Step 4: Check all both the Master/Publisher and Slave/Subscriber SQL server in the cluster again, make sure that they are in sync.

Step 5: Upgrade the Slave/Subscriber server