Management Console

After a successful installation of the DualShield Authentication Platform, a desktop icon named “DualShield Management Console” is placed on your desktop. Click the icon to launch the Management Console. If you are accessing the Management Console from a different machine other than the machine where the servers are installed, launch of your web browser and enter the URL below:




Where “” is the domain name that you provided at the installation. If you changed the default port number 8073 then replace it with the port number that you provided for the Management Console.

At the first time, it may take a minute or so for the server to start up. Below is the screenshot of the login page of the management console:

Login & Change Password

When you installed the authentication server, it created a default system administrator account with the following credentials:

  • Login Name:         sa
  • Password:             sa  

Enter the above credential to login.

You will then be asked to reset the system administrator’s password. You need to choose a password that meets the following policy:

  • Minimum length: 6
  • Must include uppercase letter(s)
  • Must include lowercase letters(s)
  • Must include special letter(s) 

You can change the password policy once you have logged in.

Please note that if you’re accessing the management console from a remote PC, it will take about 1 minute to load up the UI.

You have now successfully logged into the Management Console.