Duo supports authentication using one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens such as Deepnet SafeID. There are 2 types of OTP tokens, event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP), adn Duo can support both event-based and timed based tokens. However, Duo does not support TOTP token drift or TOTP resync. As a result, TOTP tokens may eventually fall out of sync and generate invalid passcodes. Therefore, in long run, event-based token works better with Duo.

Deepnet SafeID provides both event-based and time-based tokens. Below is the list of SafeID tokens:


Import Hardware Tokens

To import hardware tokens into Duo, follow steps below.

1 - Log in to the Duo Admin Panel

2 - Click 2FA Devices in the left sidebar, then click Hardware Tokens. A list of hardware tokens is shown, along with the attached end user, if any.

3 - Click the Import Hardware Tokens button

4 - Select the correct Token type, e.g. HOTP 6-digit, TOTP-6 digit etc.

5 - Open the SafeID token seed file received from Deepnet Security in a text editor such as Notepad

6 - Copy the entire content and paste it in to the CSV token data box in the Duo portal

7 - Click Import Hardware Tokens button