If you have purchased OTP hardware token devices from us, then you will first receive the physical hardware token devices delivered to you by FedEx or post. Once you have received the token devices, you will need to make a request to receive the token file, i.e. the seed/secret keys of the tokens.

To make the request, click the link below.


Follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Find Your Order

You can find your order by one of the following 3 numbers

  • Your Purchase Order Number
  • Our Invoice Number
  • Our Shipment Number

You also need to enter your business email address.

If your email address does not match your account in our system, then you will not be able to proceed. If that is the case, then you will need to contact your account manager to have your account updated, or send an email to our delivery team at "delivery@deepnetsecurity.com" with the shipment number, invoice number or your PO number.

Step 2 - Verify Shipments

Once your order has been found, all of the shipments in the order will be listed for your selection.

If there is more than one shipment in the order, you have the option to receive the seed/secret keys of all shipments or some of the shipments.

Once you have specified the shipments, you will be asked to verify each shipment by providing the serial number of one of the tokens in the shipment.

Step 3 - Select Token File Encryption

For security, the token seed/secret file will be encrypted by password and/or PGP key. 

First, you have to decide if you want to receive the seed/secret keys of all tokens in one file, or in seperate files by shipments. 

Then, you have to decide how you want the token file to be encrypted. You have 3 options:

  • Password only
  • PGP only
  • Password and PGP

We recommend PGP encryption as it is more secure than password. If you have not used PGP, then please refer to the guide below

How to encrypt or decrypt files using PGP

For the best security, you can encrypt the token file by both password and PGP key.

You must save a copy of your password and/or PGP private key in a safe place as you will need it to decrypt the seed/secret files when you have received them. (If you are using the WinGPG software, then your PGP private key is automaticaly saved by the software itself).

If you are a regular customer, then you might want to save the password and/or PGP key in your account in our system, so that next time you do not need to provide a new password and/or PGP key. Check the option "Save Password" and/or "Save PGP Key" if you wish our system to use them next time.

Step 4 - Select Token File Format

Next, you need to specify the format of the seed/secret file that you wish to receive.

There are 5 options:

  • Azure MFA CSV
  • DualShield
  • Duo CSV
  • PSKC
  • Custom CSV

The "Custom CSV" option allows you to specify your own CSV data content.

 How to build a custom CSV

A custom CSV file consists of a list of fields, and each field has a name and value. 

Click on "Add Field" button to add a new field. 

Enter the name of the filed, then specify the value of the field. You can either specify a fixed value or select one of the token's properties.

Also, you need to specify whether or not you want the list of field names to be included CSV file as the first row - the header row. 

Finally, you need to specify how the seed/secret key should be encoded. There are 3 options:

  • Hex
  • Base32
  • Base64

Finally, click on "Submit" button to submit your request.

For extra security, your request will be reviewed by our delivery team to ensure that all details are correct.

Step 5 - Receive Token Download Email

If all of the details that you submitted are correct, then shortly you will receive an email from delivery@deepnetsecurity.com, like below:


If you have several shipments and decided to recevie seed/secret files seperately, then you will receive several emails.

Step 6 - Download Token File

To download the seed file., click the download link. 

You will be prompted to enter your password if you decided to secure the seed file by password at the request


Once the correct password is entered, then the file will be downloaded automatically

Step 7 - Decrypt Token File

The seed file is delivered as a zip file. You need to unzip it

If the seed is password encrypted then you will be asked to enter the password to unzip the file

If the seed file is PGP encrypted, then you will need to decypt it by using the WinGPG tool

You will be prompted to entre the passphrase of your PGP key

(Please note that this passphase is the password of your PGP key, not the password of the seed file)

The seed file is delivered as a zip file. You need to unzip it after PGP decryption

If the seed is password encrypted then you will be asked to enter the seed file password to unzip the file.

Step 8 - Confirm Download

Now that you have received your token seed/secret file, and you have successfuly decrypted it, we suggest that you should click the confirmation link in the email. By confirming it, the download link will be deleted immediately. This is an addtional measurement for security.

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