Navigate to the Policy Editor

To create or edit a policy, we need to open the policy editor window first.

Select "Administration | Policies" on the side panel,

To create a new policy, click the "CREATE" button on the toolbar to open the policy editor window.

In the policy editor, firstly select DeviceID from the Category drop-down list

Policy Bindings

Enter or select the following policy bindings:


The policy holder defines the scope of the policy. 

Name:An unique name that describe this policy

Optionally, you can bind the policy to a specific applicaiton or a list of applications. To specify the application(s),  select the field: Apply policy to these applications

If the field Apply policy to these applications is left empty, then the policy will be applied to all applications. 

Policy Options

OptionValue  or SelectionRemark
Maximum Number of Devices0 or any number
Device Activation

Automatically activate the device when registeredWhen a DeviceID token is registered, DualShield server will automatically activate the token.
Send activation code to the user when registeredWhen a DeviceID token is registered, DualShield server will not activate the token. Instead, it will send an activation code to the user.
Do nothingWhen a DeviceID token is registered, the token will not be activated, and the activation code will not be sent either. 
Grace Period (hours)0 or any number

If the grace period is enabled, then the user can continue to use the device within the grace period while the device is waiting to be activated.  

0 means that there is no grace period (disabled). In other words, the device will be blocked immediately until it is activated.

Grace period applied to the first token only

Send Grace Period Notifications

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