In order for DualShield Assistant to monitor the replication status, you will only need to install it on one of the cluster machines. Consult the table below to find out in what situations you need to have multiple instances of DualShield Assistant Installed.

I want to..DualShield Assistant Configuration
Monitor Cluster Replication Status and be Notified of Replication/Network ErrorsInstallation only on one of the member servers is required.
Setup Automatic MySQL Error SkippingInstallation on all member servers is required.
Clone an Existing DualShield ServerInstallation on both the original and the clone target servers is required.
Modify or Create a Replication ClusterInstallation on all new and current member servers is required.

After installing DualShield Assistant, an icon is placed on the desktop which will take you to its web interface. DualShield Assistant runs on port 8097 & JavaScript is required to be enabled for the monitoring interface to function correctly. You will see a screen similar to below when loading up the web interface:

     Monitoring Homepage

This screen may look different depending on how many DualShield Servers you have running. It is important to note that the Replication Status will only be correct if the local MySQL service is running and can be contacted. If this is not the case, then this page will likely show network connection errors.