DualShield for Desktop Logon helps enterprise customers ensure that PCs, workstations and network resources are accessible only by authorized users, whether working locally inside the firewall or remotely via remote desktop. Once fully implemented and enforced, only users who have been issued a two-factor authentication tokens will be able to gain access to the protected PCs, workstations and network resources.

The complete solution consists of the following components:

  • DualShield Authentication Server
  • DualShield Windows Logon Agent
  • DualShield Windows/Mac Logon Client

Windows Logon Agent

Windows Logon Agent is the bridge that connects the Windows PCs and Mac workstations and the DualShield Authentication Server.

Windows/Mac Logon Client

DualShield Windows/Mac Logon Client interacts with the user in the authentication process and communicates with the DualShield Windows Logon Agent to process the two-factor authentication requests.