Setup RADIUS Authentication and Authorization

  1. Go to Certificates & Security > Admin WUI Access and enable Session Management

(You will be asked to enter your admin credentials at this point)

2.  Go to Certificates & Security > Remote Access.

3. Click on WUI Authorization Options at the bottom. This will take you to the Radius settings

7.  Enter the Radius Server IP address and Port, and click on RADIUS Server button to the right

8.   Enter the Shared Secret and click on  Set Secret.

9.  Enter the Revalidation Interval and click on Set Interval.

10.  Enable Radius Authentication and Authorisation by ticking the corresponding boxes to the left of the Radius server settings,

11.  Click on  on the right once again to save Authentication and Authorisation settings.

Test AAA for User

You can test RADIUS authentication in the Test AAA for User section at the bottom of the screen.

Type in your user credentials.  If you set Static Password + OTP as the Logon step ( as set up in the previous chapter) then remember to type in the OTP after the AD password.

If successful you will see 

If unsuccessful, please check the Authentication Logs on the DualShield Management Console