To bulk activate SafeID tokens in Azure AD, Deepnet Security has developed a set of tools.  

Download the bulk activation tool, unzip the tool into a folder on your local hard drive, e.g. D:\Tools\AzureMFA, then follow the instrcution below.

1 - Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator (use Run as administrator)

2 - If this is the first time, you need to install the Azure PowerShell module.  Enter the comand below:

Install-Module -Name Az -Repository PSGallery -Force -SkipPublisherCheck

The installation will take a while to start and complete

3 - Change directory to the folder where the bulk activation tool resides

4 - To start bulk activate the tokens that you have uploaded, execute the command below:

.\batch-activate-weblogin.ps1 -seedfile 'your-seed-file'

Press 'R' key to contunue

The Microsoft login window will pop up

Sign in with a global admin account.

Then, the process of activation will start

It take about 1-2 seconds to activate one token