The purpose of this task is to create indexes on the Log and Log_Field tables.

The task will either use previously supplied default task parameters, or will be manually supplied by the system administrator after the task is run from the management console.

Task Parameters

This task does not use any task parameters.

Manual Task Execution

The task can be run manually from the management console by left click on the context menu of the task, then selecting "Run";

A new window will open titled "Run Task" will then open (the window will be populated with the default task property values);

Provide a brief description that will be used to describe the purpose of the task in the audit log.

Before manually running the task the system administrator has the opportunity to temporarily replace these default values (the default values will return to their original state after the task has run), then click "Run" to run the task.

Editing and Scheduling the Task

Viewing and Editing Tasks

The Task Schedule and script can be viewed and edited  by left clicking on the context menu of the task and selecting "View" or "Edit";

Enter the name to be assigned to the task within the management console.

Enter a description of what the task will do.

The version number of the task.

This field allows the system administrator to edit the task meta data.

This field is used to specify when the task is scheduled to execute;

(see "Scheduling the Task Execution Time and Frequency [MC-TKTD]" in the Related Articles section below).

This field will determine if the task schedule is enabled (if enabled the task will execute at the scheduled time).

Specifies how many times the task should be repeated after the task is executed.

This field allows the system administrator to edit the task script.

The task script will use the default task parameters to determine which tokens are deleted.

  • import com.deepnet.das.util.Util

    def metaInfo = Util.getDatabaseInfo()

    if(metaInfo.DatabaseProductName!="Microsoft SQL Server"){
    setEndMessage("skip non-Microsoft SQL Database")

    def result = new LogTableIndexChecker().createIndexes()

    setEndMessage("Indexes created: $result")

Scheduling Task

Select the "Enabled" checkbox to ensure the task schedule is activated, and cliick on the pencil icon ("")  to specify the time and frequency the task will be executed.

For detailed instruction on scheduling tasks click on the following link: Scheduling the Task Execution Time and Frequency [MC-TKTD]