1) Navigate to the security policy page

Go to Settings>Admin Settings>Security>Login & Security Policy.

2) Enable SAML and specify Service Provider Entity ID

Scroll down to Single sign-on / SAML 2.0 Configuration. Under Basic Settings enable SAML and type in your ShareFile URL under ShareFile Issuer / Entity ID.

3) Specify Identity Provider Issuer details

Open the IDP metadata file you downloaded from the DualShield Console. Copy the Entity ID at the top of the metadata and paste it under Your IDP Issuer / Entity ID on ShareFile.

4) Obtain the X.509 Certificate

Copy the X.509 certificate data from the IDP metadata (within the red rectangle)…. 

… and paste it under X.509 Certficate on ShareFile.

Add the line
To the beginning.
At the end.

5) Specify Single Sign-on service location URL

Locate and copy the SingleSignOnService Location from the IDP Metadata.

.. and paste it under Logon URL

Logout URL can be left blank.

6) Optional Settings

Optional Settings as below.