You need to add Dualshield SSO as a Claims Provider to your ADFS server.

Download the DualShield IdP Metadata

  1. Log into the DualShield Management Console, in the main menu, select “SSO | SSO Servers”, click "Download IdP Metadata"

  2. Select the newly created web application, e.g. "ADFS" and click "Save".  Please see How to create an application. 

Now, open the ADFS Management console and in the left hand window expanding the Trust Relationships heading and selecting “Claims Provider Trust”.

Right click and select “Add Claims Provider Trust” to start the Add Claims Provider Trust wizard.

Click through the welcome panel to the Select Data Source panel, select the “Import data about the claims provider from a file”.

In the "Federation metadata file location" text field enter the DualShield's IdP metadata file you have downloaded and saved:

Click “Next” to continue.

Change the display name to whatever you like, say "DualShield"

Click “Next” to continue.

Click the "Endpoints" tab to review the SAML endpoint settings

Click the "Advanced" tab and change Secure hash algorithm to "SHA-1"

Click “Next” to finish.