A lot of our new customers, particularly over the trial period like to test out 2fa using both the Static password, which is your normal AD account password plus, for the second factor, a One-Time Password or OTP.

The OTP is a 6 digit figure generated by an algorithm that changes either every 30 or 60 seconds if time based, or with a key press if event based.  Currently our mobile ID App only supports 60 second time based.  For 30 second or event based, you will need to purchase a SafeID token.

For testing, however the  easiest method is to set up  mobile ID tokens and your smart phone to authenticate.   As mentioned in the introduction, you can find the DeepNet MobileID app in Appstore for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

First install the App on the phone.

Now on the DualShield Management console search for a test user you wish to grant a token to, click on the corresponding down arrow and select Tokens from the drop down menu:

Click on the Create button at the top of the User Tokens window:

You will be presented with the create token window.  Click on the drop down and select MobileID/Time-Based from the list:

Just click on Save.

You will see the token entry appear, for that user.

Make a note of the serial number.  In this example it is '10000063'

Now to import that token onto the phone, launch the app and tap on ‘Menu’ on the top right:

From the drop down, select Add Token:

Now back on the Management console click on the drop-down arrow of the token, and select Display QR code:

A QR code will now be displayed:

With the QR Code displaying, select scan on the phone app:

And scan the QR code that is being displayed.  If successful you will get a notification on the phone stating that the Token has been added (with the matching serial number):

Now you can use that to generate the One-Time Password.