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DualShield Authentication server supports Twilio SMS gateway.  

First, you need to login the Twilio account and copy the following account details: Account SID & Sandbox Number. 

Once you have the Account SID and Sandbox number ready, login to DualShield Management Console, navigate to "Configuration | Gateways", click "Create" and select "SMS" as "Type". 

Click "Edit", and select "Twilio" provider. Copy your Twilio Account SID in "User Name" field and click "OK".

Enter "Name", and select the domains in the drop down list, e.g. Management Console, edit "Dial Prefix" accordingly and click "Save" to close the dialog. 

Twilio has its own senderID to push out the message, if you wish to use Twilio as SMS  gateway to send out the all messages, then you need to update the SMS sender in all message templates.  In DualShield Management Console, navigate to "Configuration | Templates". Select "System Message Template" | "Messages". And update the Sender in SMS template among all messages, for example: Send One-Time Password Template. In here, enter the Sandbox number that you have copied before. 

Now, you can use Twilio SMS gateway to push out the message.