If an end user wants to use one of the following authentication methods in an RDP connection to a remote desktop or terminal  server, then the user must install the DualShield Windows RDP Agent first:

  • DevicePass
  • FlashPass
  • Access Card
  • Smart Card
  • FIDO U2F
  • VoiceSense
  • FaceSense

The primary function of the RDP Agent is to generate the hardware fingerprint of the computer device or the USB flash drive in the case of DevicePass or FlashPass, or to collect the user's voice or face samples in the case of VoiceSense or FaceSense.

The Remote Desktop Agent is installed on the local machine from which the user will remotely connect to a Windows terminal server or desktop workstation. To install the Agent, launch “SetupRDP.exe” and follow the instruction on the screen. The Agent does not need to be configured. As soon as it is successfully installed, it is ready for operation. 


To install the DualShield Windows RDP agent, launch the installer SetupRDP.exe and then go through the following steps:

  1. Welcome
  2. License Agreement
  3. Installation Path
  4. Installing
  5. Installation Completed

Step 1: Welcome

Step 2: License Agreement

Step 3: Installation Path

Step 4: Installing

Step 5: Installation Completed