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While the Windows offline logon 2FA function provided by DualShield offers the convenience and security to users while working offline, some users might be concerned about the fact that their token credentials are cached locally. Moreover, only tokens such as OTP tokens, FIDO keys, smart cards etc can be used for offline logon, but SMS on-demand password and mobile push to accept etc cannot be used. Nowadays, 3G/4G mobile networks and WIFI networks are present almost everywhere. If a customer make makes their DualShield Windows Logn agent accessible on the public network, then their customers can turn their offline logon experience into online logon experience. They can offline logon to their Windows machine (disconnected from their corporate networks) but be authenticated online with 2FA! Basically, they can logon with 2FA anywhere at any time. This is what we call "Windows Logon Anywhere", a new feature introduced in DualShield v5.9.2. (Technically speaking, Logon Anywhere means offline logon with online authentication, whereas the conventional offline logon means offline logon with offline authentication).