DualShield also supports sending one-time passwords and other types of messages via twitter direct message. A Twitter direct message is a peer to peer personal message that is private between the sender and receiver. You will need to register a Twitter account for your organisation and register the account details in your DualShield server. 

Select “TWITTER” from the “Type” list

You can obtain the variables required in the form from your Twitter account. 

  1. Log into Twitter Account
  2. Click the "API" link on the button, or navigate to https://developer.twitter.com/apps
  3. Click the "Create an app" link in the page
  4. Complete the application form

  5. Submit the form
  6. Click "My applications" link
  7. Click "Settings" tab
  8. Look for "Application Type"
  9. Select "Read and Write"
  10. Click the "Update Settings" button
  11. Click "Details" tab
  12. You can have the variables:

Note: Users who wish to receive Twitter messages sent from DualShield must have their own personal Twitter accounts, and must follow the Twitter account that you have registered for your organisation.